Upcoming tournament: FUT 21 1vs1 €25 Freeroll




Are you ready for a new challenge? How good are you really compared to other gamers? Have you always wanted to brag about your gaming skills? Compete with rivals from Europe and show what you really got!


Play against other gamers and win cash money!

Play against other gamers in online cups or challenge them for a cashgame. Fill out your profile and unlock badges that you can show online! Report your scores and cash out your credits! In addition tot he credits you can win there are also  leaderboards that you compete in automatically. The number 1 of the monthly leaderboards with the best rating wins respectively EU25! Another reason to play some online cups!

How can I join an online gaming tournament?

Tournaments are ready to be played at Pro Players! Register, fill out your profile and buy credits to start playing for cash immediately. As an organizer, we think sportsmanship and fun in the game is very important. We handle your personal data very carefully. Experience the excitement of online gaming tournaments and feel the thrill of a real contest against a real opponent.                                                    

Are you the best E-sporter of Europe?

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