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Frequently asked questions about:

Are all Pro Players tournaments free?

  • Yes, the next 3 months participation is free for all Pro Players tournaments. This gives you the chance of getting to know our platform and to participate in your first tournaments. During this free period you will also compete for our monthly €5000,- price pool. 

Which cashprizes are to be won from March 1?

  • From March 1, you will compete for a monthly €5000,- price pool. These prizes are devided over all qualification tournaments, which take place during the week. On every first Sunday of the month the winners of the qualification tournaments compete against each other in the Finals.

Are the leaderboard cashprizes also raised?

  • Yes, all featured games have weekly ánd monthly leaderboards. Your rank is determined by the amount of earned rating points during the month. Every (end of the) month, the top 3 players of each featured game will win the following cashprizes:

    First place: €100,-
    Second place: €75,-
    Third place: €25,-

How can I qualify for the monthly finals?

  • Be sure to earn a top 4 placement in one of the qualification tournaments, which take place during the week. Did you make it to the top 4? Then you will receive a mail invitation from us for the monthly finals.


  • How do I challenge someone for a cashgame?
    Navigate to the profile of the player you want to challenge. You can do this by clicking on the avatar of the player in the chatroom. At the bottom of his profile page you can challenge him for a cashgame.


  • How can I participate in a tournament?
    On the tournaments page is the overview for our upcoming tournaments. Click on the  (information button) of the tournament to go to the tournament lobby to request more info or to register now.
  • I’ve registered for a tournament, what’s next?
    Now you have to wait for the tournament to start at the indicated time. Before the tournament starts, you will receive a message in your inbox that you should check yourself in. It is important to check yourself in for the tournament, if you don't do this, you will lose your buy-in and you can not take part in the tournament.

  • How can I see in which pool or bracket I’m in?
    In the lobby of the tournament you can navigate in the menu of "tournament details" to sub menu "groups" and/or "playoffs". Here you can see the groups and/or the brackets of the playoffs.

  • How do I know who my opponents are in the tournament?
    At ‘my matches’ you can see who are your next opponents. 

  • How do I report the score?
    Option 1: At the page ‘My games’ of the tournament lobby you will see the games which should be played in the tournament you’re participating in. Click on the icon  to report the results of the match.
    Optie 2: On the "active matches" page you will find an overview of the game (s) that you have to play. Press the (icon  ) to report the results of the matches.
  • What should I do when a problem occurs when reporting the match result.
    Click on the red button "ask for help" and specify what the problem is. The Admin of Pro Players will then further help you and solve the problem. 
  • What happens when my opponent reports the wrong match result?
    If both results don’t match you need to upload proof of the match result. The Pro Players Admin will then decide who won te match.



  • How do I cash out or buy euro's?
    Navigate to the "my wallat" overview page by clicking on this  ( icon). There you can choose to buy euro's or to cash out your euro's.