Upcoming tournament: FUT 20 1vs1 €250 Cup
Tournament lobby

Fortnite 1vs1 €5 Survival Mini Cup [PC/PS4/XB1]

Tournament setup:

  • Setup: 2vs2 Knock-out - Best-of-two (BO1)
  • Console: Crossplay [PC/PS4/XB1]

Tournament rules:

  • Only the team captain has to sign up for the tournament
  • Two teams are linked together in the bracket
  • The linked teams start a SQUAD match, forming two duos together. They must first be together in the lobby to start the match
  • The team who will survive the longest will advance to the next round
  • If both teams will get a Victory Royale, a new match will be started, until one team gets a Victory Royale

Find more about the online Fortnite tournament rules here

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Current amount of participants: 0/4

Game Fortnite
Platform PC
Entry fee €1.50
Rank Gold
Type Knockout
Status Cancelled
Entries 0/4
Start time 13 July 2019 22:00
Sign up closing 13 July 2019 21:44

Current prize pool

No participants

4 participants


4 participants

Prize distribution

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#1 €5.00