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FREE COD 2vs2 Blackout €50 Cup

Tournament setup:

  • Setup: 2vs2 Knock-out - Best-of-two (BO2)
  • Console: PS4 Only

Tournament rules:

  • Only the team captain has to sign up for the tournament
  • Two teams are linked together in the bracket.
  • The linked teams start a QUAD match, forming two duos together. They must first be together in the lobby to start the match.
  • The teams will play TWO matches.
  • The team with the most kills at the end of the match will continue to the next round. 
  • With an equal number of kills, a new match will be started. The team who makes the first kill wins the match and continues to the next round.


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Additional prices:

Numero de participatens: 8/16

Descripción general
juego Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
Plataforma PlayStation 4
Costes de inscribcion 0,00 € creditos
Nivel Oro
Tipo Knock Out
Estado Terminado
Inscribirse 8/16
Hora de comienzo 15 febrero 2019 20:00
Hora limite para inscribirse 15 febrero 2019 19:44
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