Eerstvolgende toernooi: Fortnite 1vs1 Freeroll - Hardcore Survival [PS4/XB1/PC]
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Fortnite 1vs1 €125 Cup - Hardcore Survival [PS4/XB1/PC]

Tournament setup:

  • Setup: 1vs1 Knock-out - best of 1
  • Console: Crossplay (PS4/XB1/PC)
  • Hardcore Mode: It is allowed to disadvantage your opponent (your opponont who you are linked with in the tournament bracket) on purpose. Examples: Shoot his buildings down, knock him with an impulse grenade etc.

Tournament rules:

  • Two players are linked together in the bracket.
  • The linked players start a DUO match, forming a duo together. They must first be together in the lobby to start the match.
  • The player who will survive the longest will advance to the next round.
  • If both players gets a Victory Royale, a new match will be started
  • If both players will get a Victory royale again in the second match, a new match will be started. The person who makes the first kill wins the match and continues to the next round..

Find more about the online Fortnite tournament rules here

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Prize pool:

€31,25 at 8 players
€62,50 at 16 players
€125 at 32 players

Additional prices:

Huidig aantal deelnemers: 8/32

Spel Fortnite
Platform PC
Buy-in € 6,25
Niveau Goud
Type Knockout
Status Beëindigd
Inschrijvingen 8/32
Starttijd 14 augustus 2019 19:30
Sluitingstijd inschrijving 14 augustus 2019 19:14
Deelnemers Ingecheckt
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Huidige prijzenpot

€ 31,25
8 deelnemers
€ 31,25

bij 8 deelnemers

€ 125,00

bij 32 deelnemers


bij 8 deelnemers

#1 € 15,63
#2 € 9,38
#3 € 4,69
#4 € 1,56